It’s Been a While…

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a serious piece of writing. I keep making stupid little mistakes, too- my iPad with autocorrect has taught me bad habits! Now I have to spend a bunch of time relearning how to type fast! Oh, well. It’s very much worth it. I don’t type slow anyways. In my typing class, I’m the fastest typer in the class. But I didn’t come here to brag about stupid, meaningless things. I came here to type.

Siberia sighed, leaning against Damien’s shoulder. “I still can’t believe she’s alive… After all these years…” She nestled closer in to her husband’s warm, furry side.

“It’s quite a nice surprise,” Damien agreed, squeezing her shoulders affectionately. “This is nice.”

“What is?”

“Us, just sitting here, relaxing, with no video game, no work, no- no… I don’t know! No anything to distract us, I suppose. We don’t do this enough.” Damien kissed Siberia’s scruffy blonde hair, flicking a bright blue end with a light brown fingertip.

“Yeah…” Siberia sighed contentedly, pressing her face into his shoulder. She was silent for a moment, then added, “I’ve been thinking about retiring from the game stuff.”

“Really?” Damien was flabbergasted. Gaming was SIberia’s life. He couldn’t imagine Siberia without gaming. “Why?”

“Well, I think it’s stolen enough of my life already… I mean, I’d still do it for fun and all, but not seriously. I want to pursue other dreams. Like writing, and becoming published…” She tilted her head up slightly, smiling mischievously. “A family…”

“I think that would be absolutely wonderful,” Damien whispered. He kissed her silky black ears and stroked her shoulders as the evening faded into night, and they both drifted off into a steady, blissful sleep.


About ProjectPerfection

This year, my last of highschool, this blog will be used as prep for NaNoWriMo and hopefully will keep me on track through all of it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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