Bettas, swords, and assorted stories


Do you have fish, or do you know someone who has fish, or have you at one point had fish? I have three tanks- a twenty gallon tropical community tank with two red wag swordtails, eight zebra danios, and a couple baby snails… You know, the pond variety pest types. I also have two ten gallon tanks. Each are divided into two five gallon sections. In these I currently have three bettas- Charlie, an iridescent maroon crown tail, three or so years old, Russell, a delta tail flesh toned iridescent betta with brilliant, rosed finns, a year and a half, and lastly, my new boy, Peter, a pale pink veil tail betta with red butterfly fins and very, very long, beautiful anal fins. He isn’t very colored yet, so I’m guessing he’s around three or so months. In the last section I have my newest fish, who have only been in the tank a few minutes. They are swordtails- two females and one brilliant male. The male and one female are emerald swords, and the third sword is a black iridescent female with white fins. Of all these fish, my favorite by far are the fry, who I haven’t up until here mentioned. For those of you that don’t know, ‘fry’ is the term used for a batch of baby fish. I have about a half dozen sword fry of all different ages and sizes in my twenty. I’ve named only the two oldest, who are about a centimeter long- Finn and Faeline. My twenty gallon is right beside my bed, so I have the privilege of watching my community whenever I’m lounging.  There are many, many babies, and I expect more in the future. In addition, I plan on buying a fourth betts once my swords are moved from quarantine to the community tank. That’s all the fish talk for now… Sorry if I bored you, but I had fun doing it! Now we’re moving on to the actual reason you’re here- the story.  Today’s story is in first person POV, and features the Project Perfection sub- couple, Sam and Rose. It will be in Sam’a point of view. Enjoy!

“Come on, Rose! This way!” I laughed in excitement, pulling Rose along behind me. She, for her part, looked irritated. My grin only widened. “Come on, not much further!”

“Sam,” Rose gasped, “Why couldn’t we have just… Had a nice… Date in the park…. Eating a picnic!” She tripped, pitching forward. I stopped running abruptly and spun around, easily catching her in me arms. She gasped, grasping my forearms in her petite, perfect hands. Slowly, she lifted her eyes to mine. I could see myself reflected in her pupils- my electric blonde hair was swept back from the wind over my head, and my piercing blue eyes were half closed, curved with a gentle affection and understanding.

“It’s not much further,” I rasped. “Promise.” Rose smiled impishly, leaning up and rubbing her nose against mine. She slid her hands up my forearms and around my neck, then leaned in, giving my a quick, sweet kiss. Her lips tasted of lemonade.

“Thank you,” she murmured,” for this wonderful, wonderful afternoon. This was much better than a simple picnic in the woods.”

“It’s my pleasure, Rose,” I purred, my face blushing red at the sound of my own voice. Tension sent my hair crackling with electricity, and it shot straight up, the edges singed black. The air smelt like burnt hair. I sighed. Rose giggled, running her hands through my hair. After a second, she held her hands over my hair, giggling as the electricity jumped back and forth between her palms and my scalp.

“You really need to get that under control,” she teased, crossing her arms smugly. “Mine is totally controlled.”

“Oh, yeah, totally controlled,” I snorted good naturedly. “Like the time you sent the whole state into a blackout after sneezing while you were using your computer?”

“That was an accident!” She laughed. “Who told you about that?”

“I’m not telling,” I replied with a sly smile. I couldn’t tell her I’d just known. With Rose, you just know. Especially when you’re bound, like we are. Bound to each other. But that’s a long, messy story for another day.

“Well…” She smiled slyly. “Meet you at the park.” She bolted through the woods like a deer and, after realizing what had occurred, I yelled out, “Hey!” and took off after her.


About ProjectPerfection

This year, my last of highschool, this blog will be used as prep for NaNoWriMo and hopefully will keep me on track through all of it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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