Under the Sea (a love story) p.1

“Are you sure about this?” Ilirea swam hesitantly along behind her friend, Na’in, hoping he’d answer this time. It was the fifteenth time she’d asked, and he hadn’t answered any time previously. “Na’in!”

“Don’t worry your pretty blue head about if I’m sure about it,” Na’in replied with a smile. “Just make sure that you’re sure about it. Now come on. Everyone’s waiting for us!” He threw open the ceiling high cathedral doors, gold with engravings of the royal family from the beginning of time, and gestured for her to enter.

“I don’t know, Na’in…” Ilirea peered into the castle, her lips pursed with worry. “My father, he’ll be so mad…”

“He said it was your choice, didn’t he?” Na’in pointed out. Ilirea sighed and nodded. “Then he isn’t allowed to b mad, Ilirea. He should have known you would choose me. After all, the signs were all there.” He smiled mischievously. “Not eating, constant sighing, sad eyes, and whenever I happened to walk by, you lit up. If he didn’t notice any of that, he’s more of a fool than I ever thought.”

“My father isn’t a fool!” Ilirea replied angrily. “He’s 10x the king you’ll ever be, Na’in! And if you dare insult my father one more time-”

“You’ll?” Na’in asked, surprised. “You mean… You’re actually planning on allowing me to be king?” Ilirea rolled her eyes.

“If I’m to marry you, you’ll be king, yes. I thought that was obvious, seeing as how I’m the king’s oldest and dearest daughter, and you will be my husband.” Despite everything, Ilirea couldn’t help but smile at the idea. She was going to be married, and to Na’in!

“I always assumed that you’d be the ruling queen… It isn’t unprecedented. I never expected…” Na’in’s voice faltered, and he edged nervously back. “Ilirea, I can’t be king.”

“What?” Ilirea laughed. “Of course you can, Na’in! You’ll make a great king!” She smiled and ran her hands through his silky-soft luminescent green hair. “Just as you’ll make an amazing husband.”

“That’s just the thing, Ilirea…” Na’in hesitated, then pulled back away from her. He grasped her wrists in his hands and sighed. “I love you, but…I haven’t been totally honest with you. Ilirea, I… I’m not who you think I am. I can’t be the king of this land because…” Na’in bit his lip and turned away. “I just… Can’t.”

“Na’in…” Ilirea’s lip trembled with fear. “Na’in, what are you saying?”

“Ilirea, I can’t… I can’t marry you. I can’t be the king of Ephemeral. I just can’t. I’m sorry… Find yourself another king.” He pulled her knuckle to his lips, kissing it gently. “I’m- sorry.” Na’in turned and swam rapidly away.

“Na’in!” Ilirea cried. “Na’in, wait, please! Wait!” She stared heartbroken after the love of her life. Her lip trembled, and after seconds she gave in to her sorrow and collapsed to the sea floor, sobbing.

“Ilirea!” A tall, stately merman with dark brown hair and a deep purple tail rushed towards her, trident in hand. He knelt to the ground beside her and wrapped his thick, ropey arms around her. “Dear, dear Ilirea, tell me what’s wrong!” The man, her father, stroked her pale blue hair gently, rocking her in his arm. Ilirea sniffed and pushed him away, swimming back a few feet.

“I’m not a child, father, you don’t have to rock me!” Ilirea protested, her voice thick with tears. “I’m not a child!” She pressed her palms over her eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. When she looked up, her face was perfectly composed, the picture of perfection, the picture of composure, the picture of an Ephemeral queen to be. “I’m f-fine. Promise.”

“Ilirea, it’s alright to not be fine,” her father reminded her. “Many times when I’m not feeling fine your mother had been able to help me feel myself again. Love conquers all. Speaking of which, who are you announcing as your betrothed at the banquet? Will the lucky lad be here soon?” He smiled encouragingly.

“I’m not announcing anyone. Ever! I’ll live out my life as a single, lonely old hag! I’m not going to marry, I’m not going to announce, so you might as well renounce my right as heir and cancel the foolish ball! I’m not going, and nothing you say will convince me otherwise!” Ilirea spun around and sped back to her quarters, tears streaming down her perfectly queenly face. She knew that she’d never love again, not like Na’in. If Na’in didn’t want her, there had to be a reason, and she wanted to find it. She wanted to find the error, get rid of it, and convince him she was worth marrying. Until then, there was nothing she could do but wait and think.


Na’in threw his garments into a thick, sea cucumber hide sack and swung it around onto his back. He glanced nervously out the window of his small hut. No one was coming. He gathered a weeks worth of provisions and stuffed them into his bag. He tied his hair back with a thin strand of fishing twine and let out a deep breath.

“Hey, where are you going?” E’lim asked. Leaning against the door with his arms crossed.

“Have to leave,” Na’in mumbled. “Can’t stay. Gotta leave.”

“What’s wrong, Na’in? You know I don’t have time for your somber bemoanings. Just tell me so I can fix it and get back to work!” E’lim scowled, brushing his red hair from his dark, deep purple eyes. “Things go wrong between you and the princess?” Na’in jerked around, staring at E’lim with wide, surprised eyes.

“You knew?” He gasped.

“Everyone around here knew!” E’lim laughed at the expression on his friends face. “Seriously, you guys are really bad at keeping secrets. So, did you have a falling out?”

“I just- have to leave.” Na’in threw a brush and a small sack of coins into his bag, glancing quickly at E’lim. “Please don’t tell her you saw me, of she asks you.”

“Wait, wait, wait… She doesn’t know? You’re just leaving her? Seriously, what happened!”

“She told me I’d be king, E’lim! King!” Na’in exploded.

“Na’in, that’s awesome! King! You will be a great king! You’re so kingly! This is great! You’ll…” E’lim studied Na’in’s cold, angry face. “Or not.”

“I can’t be king, E’lim.” Na’in let out a deep, slow breath. “I… Do you remember when I first came here, half dead, my clothing nothing more than scraps, so thin and emaciated I couldn’t move? They brought me in with the dead, E’lim. The dead.

“I remember, Na’in,” E’lim replied quietly. “It was my father that realized you were not dead and stopped them from burying you.”

“Right. Your father. Do you know who my father is, E’lim?”


“My father, E’lim, is king of the bloody Pacific!” Na’in yelled. “He’s-”

“He’s bloody rich!” E’lim yelled. “You ran away from being the Prince of the Pacific!? Na’in, are you insane?!”

“I’m not insane, E’lim,” Na’in growled. “You have no idea what it was like, living under that bloodthirsty tyrant!”

“Bloodthirsty ty-” E’lim laughed a short, hysterically squawk, “Na’in, King Andreas is the kindest king in the whole sea! How could you be so blind as to think-”

“You didn’t know him like I did!” Na’in growled. “You weren’t there. You didn’t have to live with it. You didn’t witness your father slapping the help and murdering their children, insisting always that the lower class were dirt, and didn’t have the right to reproduce,” Na’in spit. “The good things you hear are nothing but propaganda, E’lim. Not one thing you’ve heard abou the great king Andreas is true.” Na’in sat back in his heels and pushed his hands into his thick, shimmering green hair. “I… Can’t marry Ilirea and become king of this land, because… My father would find out. He finds out about everything. It’s only a matter of time before he finds me here. I can’t lead him to her. I can’t let him hurt her, okay? I can’t… I can handle my own pain, but I refuse to let him get to her. I refuse. She’ll be happier- and safer- here, without me. With no connections to the King of the Pacific, she’ll be safe.” He let out a deep breath, closing his eyes. “That’s why I’m leaving.”

“Na’in-” E’lim began.

“No, E’lim.” Na’in stood up and swung his bag onto his back. “I’ve made up my mind. I’m gone. Goodbye, E’lim.” He hugged E’lim briefly then stepped back, looking him evenly in the eye. “Tell Ilirea I love her, alright? I… I will always love her.” Na’in swallowed hard, then stepped back. “Goodbye, E’lim.” Na’in turned, rolled his shoulders, and hurried away into the oceanic night.


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This year, my last of highschool, this blog will be used as prep for NaNoWriMo and hopefully will keep me on track through all of it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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4 Responses to Under the Sea (a love story) p.1

  1. andthestarsfellintohereyes says:

    Wow this is awesome! Love it. Na’in is probs my favorite so far.

    • Thanks! You know, if you like this story, I’ll bet that you’d enjoy my Across the Fence story from previous posts. I’m glad you like Na’in. He’s a special character to me. And he’s a mermaid, which makes him about 40% cooler, haha!

      Feel free to reference other people to my blog, alright? I’d love to get more viewers! The more people comment, the better my writing will get!

  2. andthestarsfellintohereyes says:

    Sure thing 🙂 I will be posting some of The Underground. I hope you like it

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