Under the Sea: Fun Facts


-Fun fact: ‘Ephemeral’ means a short period of time. The land was so named because originally, it was to only exist for the span of the Pacific king’s younger brother’s life. It was instituted to pacify the unruly prince and keep him out of trouble. The inhabitants grew to enjoy the rule or their own king and government so much, they refused to be melded back into one nation under the sea.

-Fun fact: all princes and princesses of ocean nations are branded or tattooed with the symbol of their kingdom at birth. The first born is tattooed on their collarbone, whereas the second, third and fourth child are tattooed on their upper thigh. The first born bares the symbol of their kingdom for all to see, whereas the younger siblings symbols are only shown to their life partners.

-Fun fact: What started out as one huge oceanic nation split apart into fourteen smaller nations, each ruled by it’s own king and queen.

-Fun fact: First born royal mermaids aren’t always the one meant to rule. The child meant to rule will be born with a light blue tale that progressively grows greener. The day that he/she is crowned king/queen, their tale will be bright green. It will stay that color until they have their first child, at which point it will turn a dark, royal purple.

-Fun fact: One in a billion peasants born will have the royal gene, and will be brought to and raised in a castle. When they grow to the age of 13, they are given the choice to be raised along with the heirs of the castle. If they choose to they can learn royal decorum and become a lord or lady of the castle. If they refuse, their tail will fade to a normal, non royal color.

-Fun fact: Not all children born to royals will have the coloration of a royal. Only the one meant to rule will color as such. The others can live a normal life, denying their heritage if they wish, and no one would be the wiser.

-Fun fact: The current queen of the Epheremeral nation was abandoned by her mother on a human ship. She only learned her mer heritage at the age of 15 when she was no longer able to hold her shape as a human. It took a team of 37 mer-soldiers to free her from the laboratory where she was being held and experimented on. King Virnen, then Prince, was the leader of the rescue mission. They were married less than a year later.

-Fun fact: Princess Ilirea is the first of seven royal children under King Virnen and Queen Jenna. She is also the only girl child, with her six siblings being brothers.

-Fun fact: If the royal heir dies, either another sibling or a peasant child with ruling potential will gain the colors of a ruling royal.

-Fun fact: The first oceanic king was a Naboin by the name of Silver. He was the first to convince Naboins to give up their wings and dwell completely underwater. Occasionally, though, a merperson is born with the long wiped out genes that cause them to grow wings around the age of five. They can either opt to have them removed or choose to live with them.

-Fun fact: On average, Merpeople born with wings live 17 years longer than mers without them. It’s been suggested by scientists that because it is their natural state, it’s easier on their bodies to leave water occasionally, and mers as a whole would be healthier if they left the water occasionally.

-Fun fact: Most Merpeople are born with light yellow tails, white hair and no iris. Their color comes in gradually from the ages of 3-9 months. Their color isn’t fully set until they turn five*, at which point it won’t change anymore. However, at puberty the merpeople’s scales gain their legendary shimmer and their eyes the alluring hint of beauty which traps many a human in it’s grasp.

*this general rule doesn’t apply to royal ruling heirs, who don’t gain their full, final color until the birth of their first child.

-Fun fact: One of the 14 oceanic nations is entirely populated by Merpeople with the wing gene. They live in the ocean surrounding an island, and spend just as much time above land as they do below land.

-Fun fact: Ilirea, the Princess of Ephemeral, was born exactly 1000 years after the death of the first Pacific king, Silver.

-That’s all for now, folks!


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    I should do this for my races in The Underground :3 But I have to post the first part

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