Over The Fence; a love story (p.4)

“What!” Jacque whispered, staring, shocked, at the model hot young lady standing in front of him. His eyes flickered nervously towards Marco, then back at Crystal. He shook his head quickly and looked away. “Marco, get her out of here.”

“What is it, Jacque?” The young woman let out her lip in a pout. “Do you not like what you see? Do….do you not want me?” Tears sprung to her large, bright, shimmering blue eyes. Jacque scowled at his bed.

“Marco! Get. Her. Out. Please!”

Marco sighed , shaking his head in utter disgust. “Crystal, would you mind terribly stepping out for just a moment?” He asked gently. “My brother and I would greatly appreciate it.” Once she’d left he turned to his brother, furious. “This is a great chance, little brother! Not only would you get a slamming hottie for a wife, but you’d also save her from going to live over the fence! Are you really willing to doom her to that h*llhole?”

“Marco, I’m only seventeen, and I’m not interested in getting married right now. And- and especially not to some superficial, bubbly idiot!” Jacque shook his head vehemently. “I will not marry that bubble headed idiot.”
-“Not much longer,” I murmured, dragging the brush I’d been given through my thick, rat nest of hair. “God, this is the worst! I should just cut it all off.” I glanced at the scissors and sighed. I wasn’t willing to cut my hair off, but I knew I’d probably have to do it. There really wasn’t much choice, when your hair was so snarled and dirty is could house a pack of rats.

“Hey!” Someone called. I could hear running through the piles of trash and waste, banging of shins and knees on heaps of old metal. I grabbed the dagger strapped to my arm and stood by the entrance to my tent, a thick canvas flap, half open to let in air. Just as I suspected, the person was yelling to me. They vaulted through the flap to her tent and landed on their face, unable to brace themselves with their hands in time to avoid a mouth full of dirt. They sprang to their feet and gasped, “I was followed!”

I didn’t recognize the young man, at least not at first glance, but I did recognize the danger of leading a troop of angry, power hungry junk yard rats to my home. “You idiot!” I hissed, smacking him on the side of the head. “Arm yourself, now! Do you want to get yourself killed?!” I turned to him angrily.

“I, uh… I don’t know how to fight!” He whimpered, his already white face paying further. The sun caught on his bright, wolffish yellow eyes. I recognized him then. This was the guy that had given me all the stuff… The brush, the scissors, the candy…. Everything. “I’m from over the fence!”

“If you’re gonna keep visiting this side, you need to learn how to hold your own in a fight!” I snapped, tossing my dagger to him. Alex yelped and jerked aside, letting the dagger fall to the dirt floor of my tent. “Pick it up,” I said impatiently. I could hear the loud, hurried clanging of metal against hand- made armor. My stomach twisted sickly. There was at least seven of them, judging by the footsteps. Seven grown, armored, trained men against me, a tough as nails girl from the tents, armed to the teeth with countless daggers and sharp objects, and a weak, pale, shaking white boy from across the fence! Nowhere near a fair fight.

Shaking with nerves, I pulled a crudely made sword from under my cot, watching the tent flap nervously. “Okay, Alex, this is what’s going to happen. I’m going to stand on one side of the flap, you’re going to stand on the other. When they come in, I’ll slice ’em down with my sword. If one returns fight, you distract the others with your dagger. This is possible, this is doable… So long as we keep in control, funneling them through the flap…we can do this!” I smiled encouragingly at the boy, who couldn’t be much older than I was. In this way, though, I was far the superior, having lived on this side of the fence for years.

“I can do that,” Alex replied, his voice shaking. “I’m s-sorry, I didn’t mean to lead them here. I… Asked for directions- I’ve never been here in the light before! Then they started chasing me, and-”

“Quiet!” Kira hissed. Fingers grasped the edge of the tent, and began to pull it back….



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