The Ups and Downs of Life

Early Monday morning I was hit with a 24- hour stomach bug. Over the course of the next 24- hours, I vomited nine times. NINE TIMES. I spent all day either sleeping, watching Bones, or barfing. That was awful. I didn’t eat for that whole day. That was a definite down.

On the upside, though, my dad bought me a laptop! It’s an amazing, flipity screened laptop, and it’s silver, and it has a touch screen. I am actually typing on it as you read. I’m so happy to finally have a laptop once again! Not only will this be amazing for me writing- wise, it’ll also be great for drawing, due to the touch screen and the built in pen. Did I mention it’s silver?

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of free- time drawing while I’m watching Netflix, such as the aforementioned Bones. Drawing, drawing, drawing… random doodly sketches of people and ponies and Mobians, none of whom you know anything about. Maybe I’ll do a write up about them some time soon. I love my laptop sooooo much! I’m do out of touch, though, typing wise, due to using a tablet so much since the failure of my old laptop and the reception of my school iPad.


About ProjectPerfection

This year, my last of highschool, this blog will be used as prep for NaNoWriMo and hopefully will keep me on track through all of it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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