Bend and not Break

You know the song
By Dashboard Confessionals.
Bend and not Break.
I wonder what it’s like
To take hit
After hit
And not shatter into
A billion pieces.
Or to bend
Compromise yourself and
Your standards
For someone else.
I do not bend.
I am not
I break.
I shatter,
Like a thin glass vial
Dropped off the top of a building,
Or the car
That is hit by a falling anvil
In a cartoon.
I shatter.
My soul
Is broken
Into pieces too small
For all the kings horses
And all the kings men
To ever
Put back together again.
And you laugh.
And you joke.
And you think it’s all a game.
And you think it’s great fun.
But you know how it is
To hate everything about
To wish nothing good
And everything bad
Upon no one but yourself.
You take the blame
When others won’t,
When it’s not yours to take.
And you grab your guilt,
Your pain,
Your suffering,
And you throw it
In the faces
Of those who try to be there for you.
I shatter,
I cannot be put back together.
But I can evolve.
I can change for the better.
But you?
You will always
Stay the same.
But don’t break.
Everything is fine,
Pretend you’re okay.
We all know
Deep down
You’re more broken
Than all the rest of us
Put together.


About ProjectPerfection

This year, my last of highschool, this blog will be used as prep for NaNoWriMo and hopefully will keep me on track through all of it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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